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I'd like to especially acknowledge the assistance, above and beyond the call of duty, of a few very good friends, all of whom I met through CompuServe's AVSIG (aviation) forum.

I would be particularly remiss if I didn't acknowledge the debt I owe to F.E. (Fred) Potts. Over the years Fred has offered me tremendous amounts of encouragement in my writing career and it was Fred who really introduced me to the Web. His gracious and patient assistance as I struggled with HTML and with getting this site put together originally has been invaluable.

Another good friend, Wil Milan, gave me great advice that I pass along to anyone contemplating their own Web site and having little or no experience, "buy HTML For Dummies and read it." It was an excellent place to start, providing this computus ignoramus with a sound foundation upon which to build.

Others due acknowledgement are:

Larry Simpson, M.D. and Brent Blue, M.D., for their review of, and contributions to, the medical portion of this site and for putting up with my persistent questions regarding wilderness medical treatment, supplies and equipment.

Scott Dyer and Steve White for all their proofreading assistance over the years, catching the many small textual errors which inevitably creep into any such endeavor, correcting my occasional grammatical "faux pas" and offering suggestions which make the text more readable.

Chris Kavanaugh showed up one day in the Survival Forum, making many useful contributions, and was kind enough to say "yes" when I asked him if he'd volunteer to moderate the forum.

Finally, I must give thanks to my great fortune in meeting Dave Pulver. It is his generous contribution of a Web Server via his company, Pulver Technologies, that enables me to bring the Equipped To Survive™ Web site to you.

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