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Bill Layman

Bill LaymanBill Layman and Lynda Holland live in La Ronge, Saskatchewan in Canada's north. Bill's mining exploration company and Lynda's work as an educator put them in close contact with the Athapaskan Dene who live along the edge of the tree-line. Now both largely retired, a fascination with these people's ancestral lands has seen Bill and Lynda venturing by canoe each summer for the last decade into the so-called "Land of Little Sticks." Recently these trips have taken them further afield onto the barrens and the land of the Inuit.

Bill writes for KANAWA, the paddling magazine of the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association and for a number of Web sites about their canoe trips. For the last two summers he has been doing a daily internet journal, live from the river and complete with pictures, using a Globalstar satellite phone linked to a handheld Hewlett Packard PDA. Diaries of their Dubawnt River (40 days 750 miles) and Thlewiaza River (55 day 1000 mile) trips, as well as other articles about the Coppermine, Kazan, Thelon, and other northern rivers can be seen at

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