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Daily Archive September 4th, 2006

McMurdo’s New EPIRBs Receive COSPAS-SARSAT Approval

At the London Boat Show in June, British safety equipment manufacturer McMurdo introduced their latest 406 MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs). The new Smartfind E5 and Smartfind Plus G5 (with GPS) provide improved performance and features over the previous generation. These new EPIRBs have now received approval from COSPAS-SARSAT and the [...]

Amazon Hops on the Preparedness Bandwagon

Never one to let a marketing opportunity pass it by, Amazon.com recently sent an email out to some of its customers announcing its Emergency Preparedness Store:
“As a valued Amazon.com customer who has purchased items for the home, you may be interested in knowing that our Emergency Preparedness Store has products to help keep your family [...]