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Update on Canadian 406 ELT Requirements

Here’s an update on the previous post, “Canada Backs Off on 406 MHz ELT Rule

In speaking with members of Canada’s National Search and Rescue Secretariat at the 2009 RTCM Annual Conference, they indicated that the regulation is still in the Canadian Minister of Transport, John Baird’s, office and still under consideration. Government agencies are still discussing the implications and means of moving forward.

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) President Kevin Psutka’s interpretation of what this all means as reported in AVweb may not necessarily represent the entire picture, as you would expect from any organization pushing for their agenda. There is obviously another side to the story that my sources are not at liberty to discuss in detail for public dissemination. Aircraft operators should not necessarily count on major changes to the proposed regulation. May happen; may not.

Stay tuned…