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Mother of all Swiss Army Knives?

Wenger Giant SAKWenger poured 100 years of craftsmanship into their showpiece Giant Swiss Army Knife. This hand-assembled unique knife contains all 85 tools produced by Wenger at the time, which have a total of 110 functions. While it was developed primarily as a marketing exercise to generate buzz and serve as a show piece for trade shows and dealers, it’s also turned out to be popular among collectors, even at $1200 a pop.

The knife is a bit of a brute, weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 8.75 inches. Its selection of tools includes six knife blades, three types of pliers, countless screwdrivers, saws, wrenches, and other tools. A few of the more unique implements included are a bicycle chain rivet setter, flashlight, cigar-cutting scissors, laser pointer and tire-tread gauge, as well as the requisite toothpick, tweezers, and key ring. Instead of the old fashioned style SAK handles, it features Wenger’s unique EVO ergonomic handles that were introduced last year.

Click here for a look at Wenger’s new EVO Swiss Army Knives.

Click here for a look at the latest locking blade EVOs from Wenger introduced at SHOW Sow 2006.

This is strictly a show piece, the blades and implements are permanently open. I can’t imagine having to open and close all of them, but it is fun to imagine the look on the Terminally Stupid Administration dimbulb’s face if he or she pulled this one out of a carry-on.

Wenger Nail ClipThe example pictured here, “Giant Knife, Version 1.0,” has already been superseded by a new one, Version 2.0. Wenger recently added a nail clipper tool to their line of key chain size EVO Swiss Army Knives (image left), so a second version had to be commissioned to add that to the show piece. (BTW, there will also be a version of this new nail clipper tool with a small screw driver blade substituting for the knife blade, so it’s perfectly legal to carry on, “No, sir, I really do NOT have a Swiss Army KNIFE in my carry-on.”)

“This is not exactly going to win any awards for lightest, smallest, or most efficient tools with which to going backpacking. It is however, getting a lot of attention and is a great platform for showcasing our product capabilities,” said Dennis Piretra, Director of Marketing for Wenger NA. “The most often asked question is about whether or not we have a pouch for it. Our answer is simple. You don’t need a pouch, the knife has a key ring – in fact, it has two!”

Wenger Giant SAK “This knife is a compliation not only of Wenger’s entire family of tools but Wenger’s history,” added Piretra. “100 years of quality craftsmanship is compiled in this collector’s item and is a testament to Wenger’s ingenuity and creativity while still upholding Wenger’s Swiss made quality of excellence.”

Click here to view more and higher resolution images of this knife.

What’s included? Here’s the list of everything included in the first version:

1. 2.5” 60% Serrated locking blade
2. Nail file, nail cleaner
3. Corkscrew
4. Adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter
5. Removable screwdriver bit adapter
6. 2.5” Blade for Official World Scout Knife
7. Spring-loaded, locking needle-nose pliers with wire cutter
8. Removable screwdriver bit holder
9. Phillips head screwdriver bit 0
10. Phillips head screwdriver bit 1
11. Phillips head screwdriver bit 2
12. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm
13. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6 mm x 4.0 mm
14. Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0 mm x 6.5 mm
15. Magnetized recessed bit holder
16. Double-cut wood saw with ruler (inch & cm)
17. Bike chain rivet setter, removable 5m allen wrench, screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws
18. Removable tool for adjusting bike spokes, 10m hexagonal key for nuts
19. Removable 4mm curved allen wrench with Phillips head screwdriver
20. Removable 10mm hexagonal key
21. Patented locking Phillips head screwdriver
22. Universal wrench
23. Laser pointer with 300 ft. range
24. 1.65” Clip point utility blade
25. Metal saw, metal file
26. 4 mm allen wrench
27. 2.5” blade
28. Fine metal file with precision screwdriver
29. Double-cut wood saw
30. Cupped cigar cutter with double-honed edges
31. 12/20-Gauge choke tube tool
32. Watch caseback opening tool
33. Snap shackle
34. Telescopic pointer
35. Compass, straight edge, ruler (in./cm)
36. Mineral crystal magnifier with precision screwdriver
37. 2.4” Springless scissors with serrated, self-sharpening design
38. Shortix key
39. Flashlight
40. Fish scaler, hook disgorger, line guide
41. Micro tool holder
42. Micro tool adapter
43. Micro scraper-straight
44. Reamer
45. Fine fork for watch spring bars
46. Pin punch 1.2 mm
47. Pin punch .8 mm
48. Round needle file
49. Removable tool holder with expandable receptacle
50. Removable tool holder
51. Multi-purpose screwdriver
52. Flat Phillips head screwdriver
53. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm
54. Spring loaded, locking flat nose nose-pliers with wire cutter
55. Phillips head screwdriver bit 0
56. Phillips head screwdriver bit 1
57. Phillips head screwdriver bit 2
58. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5 mm x 3.5 mm
59. Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6 mm x 4.0 mm
60. Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0 mm x 6.5 mm
61. Can opener
62. Phillips head screwdriver
63. 2.5” Clip point blade
64. Golf club face cleaner
65. 2.4” Round tip blade
66. Patented locking screwdriver, cap lifter, can opener
67. Golf shoe spike wrench
68. Golf divot repair tool
69. Micro straight-curved
70. Special tool holder
71. Phillips head screwdriver 1.5mm
72. Screwdriver 1.2 mm
73. Screwdriver .8 mm
74. Mineral crystal magnifier, fork for watch spring bars, small ruler
75. Removable screwdriver bit holder
76. Magnetized recessed bit holder
77. Tire tread gauge
78. Reamer/awl
79. Patented locking screwdriver, cap lifter, wire stripper
80. Special Key
81. Toothpick
82. Tweezers
83. Adapter
84. Key ring
85. Second key ring

If you can’t live without one of these ultimate SAKs, give Wenger a call at 800-431-2996 (U.S.) or +41 32 422 61 81 (Switzerland).  They’ll get one to you in  three to four weeks.