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Recalled SPOT Owners get Additonal 2 Months Service

(Replacement SPOT 2 received. Check it out here.)

Today I received notice that the replacement for my recalled SPOT 2 has shipped and was happy to see that they are offering those whose SPOT 2s were recalled an additional two months of service beyond the one added month originally announced. I had thought the original offer was pretty cheap of them, this is much more respectful of the hassle their screw-up caused customers. (Read about the recall of SPOT 2 here.) They have also seamlessly migrated the IEN from the old unit to the new one, or at least that’s what they are promising. Here’s the email I received:

Thank you for returning your SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger (SPOT 2) as instructed under the SPOT Product Return Program. Your replacement SPOT 2 has shipped and you should receive it within 7 to 10 business days.

Spot LLC has performed an ESN swap migrating your complete profile and message contact information to your replacement SPOT unit. Your new ESN number [0-8054288] has been updated in your account. Simply access your existing account using the same username and password you have assigned during login at www.findmespot.com.

Your SPOT 2 is all set to go! Please make sure to install new AAA Energizer® Lithium Ultimate 8X batteries. We recommend that you test your SPOT 2 unit by sending a Check-in/OK message. A message should appear in the My GPS Locations section of your account.

Again, thank you for your patience. For your inconvenience, we are extending your existing service contract by 3 months, an additional 2 months more than originally promised at no cost to you. Your account will update automatically within 30 days reflecting your new renewal date.

SPOT is dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality satellite communications products. We appreciate your business.

Enjoy your adventures!


The SPOT Team

Questions? Please call 1 (866) 727-7733 or email SPOTexchange@findmespot.com

(Replacement SPOT 2 received. Check it out here.)