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Rescue Laser Flare Records Another Save

Red Rescue laser Light and Green Rescue Laser FlareI received the email below from Jim O’Meara at Greatland Laser who invented and manufactures the Rescue Laser Flare distress signaling devices. While it’s a business, like many of us Jim got into this business to save lives, so an email like this is the sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile:

(An old ETS review of the Rescue Laser Flares can be found here. Bottom line, I carry the latest Green Rescue Laser Flare (current mil-spec issue to special forces and others) in my own survival gear and the red Rescue Laser Light is standard equipment in my Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Survival Pak.)

From: Kevin Kidder
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 10:24 AM
To: [Jim O'Meara email deleted]
Subject: Kevin Kidder

Jim, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate
your product. On Sept 27, 2006 I rolled my ATV while
moose hunting. It landed on my right leg below the
knee and shattered the bone. A friend went to get
help. The rescue helicopter arrived as it was getting
dark. However it was searching way bellow my position
on the mountain. I pulled out my “Laser Flare” and
pointed it at the helicopter as you instructed.
Instantly the helicopter turned up the mountain and
made a few passes over me before landing a short
distance away. It was raining very hard, the wind was
gusting to about 50mph and it was getting dark. The
helicopter crew had very little time to find me. The
laser flare made to difference between staying on the
mountain until morning or being picked up right then.
Thank you for providing a true life saving product.

Kevin Kidder
Chugiak, Alaska