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Mustang Rescue Stick Aims to Hit the Mark

Mustang Rescue StickAnyone who has ever tried to toss a person in the water a life ring or similar flotation device, knows it’s not easy and accuracy is an iffy proposition. There have been a number of products developed over the years to address that and now Mustang Survival has tossed their Rescue Stick into the ring.

Mustang claims that the baton-shaped Rescue Stick is naturally easy to throw accurately. It is 14 inches long and weighs 15.5 ounces, just short of a pound. Mustang claims the Rescue Stick can be thrown 100 ft. or further with accuracy. They obviously never met my sister.

The horseshoe shaped bladder inflates automatically upon contact with the water using a CO2 cartridge and the common bobbin type inflation device used in older generation personal flotation devices (PFDs). It can be re-armed by the owner with a re-arming kit. A manual pull cord is also provided. It provides 35 lbs. of buoyancy, equal to a conventional PFD. Note, however, that is will not keep an unconscious person upright in the water, it’s for use by conscious persons only. There’s also no line attached with which you might pull someone in, it’s strictly a flotation device.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $160. For more details, go to: www.rescuestick.com