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A Look at “The Ten Essentials”

Steve Sergeant, Producer and Host of The WildeBeat recently interviewed me for a show on the subject of “The Ten Essentials.” Here’s his introduction and links to the show:

Since it’s mysterious introduction by the Mountaineers early in the twentieth century, the 10 Essentials have been the list that everyone should know, and few could recite with certainty. In this edition, Doug Ritter, the executive director of the Equipped To Survive Foundation, and Amy Racina, author of the book Angels in the Wilderness, compare notes on some of their ideas of the 10 essentials.


Includes link to combined first and second parts, which would be the best way to listen. If you prefer to read rather than listen, there is also a transcript of both shows available on this page.

Also, at http://www.wildebeat.net/supplements/E079/ there are some additional portions of the interview with me that weren’t included with the two part show itself, a bonus as it were.