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How About Stay Out Of The !@#%&* Woods…?

Seems like I touched a raw nerve during my interview on The Ten Essentials (see my previous blog entry). On the ETS Survival Forum a few folks have taken issue with my assertion that because so few people know how to use a map and compass today, they would do better to include a mapping GPS as the first of the Ten Essentials. Noted one poster, “Doug, I’m shocked and appalled. Blindly depending on only a GPS is a good way for the unwashed masses to get themselves into big trouble.”

He then goes on to suggest in another post, “How about Stay out of the !@#%&* woods until you can grasp the most basic fundamentals of using a map and compass.”

My response:

How about being realistic? grin

Reality is what it is. You cannot change human nature and you cannot legislate common sense. I can try to encourage the use of available tools that may actually get used. Will some misuse them or be stupid? Sure, but we don’t stop putting anti-lock brakes on automobiles because a well-trained driver in many cases can stop shorter with more control or because some people are encouraged to take more risks in adverse conditions assuming they will save them. Overall, it saves lives.

I’ll stick with my advice because I know that it’s the best overall solution considering the audience and the reality that is out there today. That’s my job. I don’t allow myself the luxury of being idealistic. It’s counterproductive.

Read the whole thread here and offer your own thoughts.