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Survival, Inc. Reborn as Ultimate Survival Technologies

Chris Venti, with a management background from General Electric, has purchased the assets of Survival, Incorporated, maker of the StarFlash signal mirror, BlastMatch and StrikeForce firestarters, WetFire Tinder and SaberCut Saw, among others. These were also marketed to civilians under the Ultimate Survival brand. The new company is called Ultimate Survival Technologies. Financial backing has been provided by The Insight Group. Survival, Inc. founder Rick Stewart is not associated with the new company.

All of the existing inventory has been moved into their manufacturing facility in Monroe, Washington. Current inventory is limited, but new production is expected to commence shortly. Their new web site is: www.ultimatesurvival.com


Ultimate Survival Technologies
14428 167TH Avenue SE
Monroe, WA 98272-2915
Toll Free: 866-479-7994
Fax: 206-965-9659

Since Survival, Inc. went under, I’ve received hundreds of phone calls and emails looking for their products or alternatives. This latest development should make a lot of folks very happy. I wish the new company the best of luck.