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Leatherman Celebrates a Silver Anniversary

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Leatheman 25th Anniversary

Hard to believe that come 2008 it will have been 25 years since Tim Leatherman introduced his original Personal Survival Tool (later called just the “PST”) and singlehandedly created an entirely new category, the multi-tool. The full-size pliers revolutionized the concept of what you could expect in a every day carry tool, before the term EDC even existed. I still have my original Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool, just took it out of my “antique” drawer to handle it. Bit loose in the joints, but perfectly functional.

Leatherman 25th Anniversary WaveLeatherman is celebrating its 25th anniversary with two specials. The 25th Anniversary Wave features high polish handles with Leatherman’s 25th Anniversary logo and Tim Leatherman’s signature. There’s also a special sheath with a commemorative metal emblem.

The Wave will be produced in a limited quantity of 50,000. When you describe that as being “limited” it gives you some idea just how many Leathermans are sold every year! MSRP will be $105 and they will be available at Leatherman retailers worldwide.

Tradition holds that 25th anniversaries are silver and Leatherman honors this tradition with a sterling silver Charge. Based on the current Charge TTi, this beauty features sterling silver handle scales designed by seventh-generation internationally acclaimed Argentinian silversmith, Adrian Pallarols.

:Leatherman 25th Anniversary Silver ChargePallarols has done a number of special Leatherman’s in the past (check out his Web site for examples, or stop by the Leatherman Store at the factory in Portland), but this is the first to be put into production like this.

Only 999 tools will be produced and they will be available only through selected Leatherman retailers and direct from Leatherman via www.Leatherman.com. MSRP will be $499 and they come in a nice gift/display box (which may differ somewhat from the prototype shown).

I don’t expect too many will find their way to actually being used, but perhaps Sue wouldn’t get on my case so bad if I was to wear one with my suit (yes, I really do own a suit, more than one actually). For some reason she seems to think that a Leatherman on my waist doesn’t fit the image, but if it were this fancy, perhaps? Of course, affording one is another story…

Expected availability is Spring, 2008.