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NOTE: The Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS are SOLD OUT. Thanks for your support
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Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS with M2 bladeDoug Ritter's LIMITED EDITION M2-steel version of his RSK Mk1 and Mini-RSK Mk1 is a real treat for knife enthusiasts. M2 is a high speed tool steel (hence the "HS" model designation) generally used in cutting tools or forming and stamping dies in industry where extreme hardness is required. It has a long and successful history in premium custom knifemaking. Benchmade is one of very few production knife manufacturers to use M2 in a select few of their knives.

Even though its performance when used in a blade is exceptional, M2 is not as popular as some other steels for two primary reasons. First, it is not a stainless steel; it rusts if not cared for. It is also extremely hard, an asset in a blade, but grinding it is a real chore for the knifemaker, time consuming and expensive.
Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS™ (Benchmade Model 552-400HS)
and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS™ (Benchmade Model 558-400HS)
 RSK Mk1 HS™Mini-RSK Mk1 HS™
Blade MaterialM2 hardened to 60-62 HRC
Blade CoatingAnti-corrosion BT2
Blade Length3.44 in. (8.74 cm)2.88 in. (7.32 cm)
Blade Thickness0.115 in. (2.92 mm)0.100 in. (2.54 mm)
Blade ShapeWide-Chord Drop Point
Blade GrindHigh Flat grind with 30º plain edge, 6.9º bevel
Closed Length4.62 in. (11.73 cm)3.87 in. (9.82 cm)
Open Length8.06 in. (20.47 cm)6.74 in. (17.12 cm)
Handle Thickness0.64 in. (1.63 cm) max0.51 in. (1.30 cm) max
Weight3.82 oz. (108.29 g)2.68 oz. (76 g)
Handle MaterialBlack glass-filled Noryl GTX
Liners410 Stainless Steel
Pivot WashersPhosphor Bronze
Pocket ClipAmbidextrous Reversible Removeable Stainless Steel
Lock MechanismAmbidextrous AXIS™ Lock
OpenerAmbidextrous Dual Thumb Studs
Handle & mechanical designMel Pardue
AXIS™ Lock designBill McHenry and Jason Williams
Blade DesignDoug Ritter

We address the rust issue by coating the M2 blade with Benchmade's BT2 Xylan based coating to provide excellent corrosion resistance which exceeds the ASTM-117 spec for saltwater and increases surface lubricity. Please note that the edge and laser markings are necessarily exposed and care should be taken to ensure the blade is dried off if it gets wet and that it is protected in humid conditions with either a light oil of some sort or Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth. Tuf-Cloth is my preferred solution, especially for long term storage or difficult conditions, and we include a sample packet with each knife.

Benchmade hardens their M2 to 60-62 HRC (vs. 58-60 for S30V), which is a lower hardness than the M2 could take, but the result is a steel that not only keeps its edge like no other, but a blade that is also tough enough to stand up to the rigors of typical folding knife uses. If you thought the S30V blade held an edge, wait until you try the M2 blade.

M2 not only keeps an edge extraordinarily well, it also takes a wicked sharp edge, one reason that knife fantics love it. This blade comes from Benchmade with a truly shaving sharp factory edge, just like the standard S30V blade, but for those so inclined and skilled, it can be sharpened to scary sharpness.

The LIMITED EDITION Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS is identical to the standard RSK Mk1 (as is the Mini) except for the M2 blade steel, BK1 coating and an M2 marking instead of S30V. This LIMITED EDITION is available only with black handles, no yellow handled Mini.

The sturdy black ergonomic glass-filled Noryl GTX handles have stainless inset liners and the patented super strong ambidextrous AXIS Lock. This is a handle that just plain works and provides an incredible non-slip grip.

It has Doug's signature wide-chord drop-point blade with a high flat grind for cutting ease and strength. The blade's spine incorporates a prominent ramped thumb rest for enhanced control and security. Dual thumb lugs provide ambidextrous opening, easy even with gloves on. The pocket clip is reversible. The LIMITED EDITION Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS is fully ambidextrous.

The front (left side) of the blade is laser-etched with the Doug Ritter mark and M2. The reverse is laser etched with the Benchmade USA logo, model number and serial number. Doug Ritter's RSK Mk1 Knives are made in the USA and are covered by Benchmade's Limited Lifetime Warranty and their exclusive Lifesharp® Service.

For more information on the design and development of the Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 and why these knives are exceptional, please click here to go to the main RSK Mk1 page

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This is truly a limited edition; there will be no more than 340 blades total. We're planning about 170 each full-size RSK Mk1 HS and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS. Full-size are being produced first.

Each blade will be serial numbered (full-sized and Mini separately). These will be collectors' items for some purchasers and probably a not half bad investment, as these things go (but don't plan on financing your retirement with one). However, I figure most of these will be users. M2 is a real user's steel because of its exceptional performance. So, rather than use a large blade marking like most limited editions or our normal serialized first production blades, the serial number is up behind the thumb stud where it's out of the way.

The LIMITED EDITION Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS are available exclusively from Aeromedix.com. The full-size RSK Mk1 HS is only $130 and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS is only $125 -- while they last.

Until January 20, any previous purchaser of a serialized RSK Mk1 and matching serialized Mini-RSK Mk1 can reserve their same serial number for these knives (use the remarks field on the order form to enter your serial number). Meanwhile, the rest will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. These knives will be delivered as they become available and Aeromedix.com is now accepting reservations for planned February-March intial deliveries.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Doug Ritter RSK Knife goes to support the non-profit Equipped To Survive Foundation.

NOTE: The Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 HS and Mini-RSK Mk1 HS are SOLD OUT. Thanks for your support
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