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SHOT Show 2007 Report - LED Flashlights
ETS Contributing Editor Alan Romania

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All prices MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail pricing) as of February, 2007

Pentagon Lights


Manufacturer: Pentagon Lights Model: "MOLLE LIGHT"
Body Material: Plastic/Anodized Aluminium Body Color(s): Black,Tan
Length:? Body Dia:? Bezel Dia:? Weight1:?
Battery Qty: 1 Type: AA Runtime2: ?
LED: LED Colors avail: White
Lumens Max: Lumens Min: Brightness Levels: 1
Switch Type: Push button Location: Head
In Production?: Summer 2007 MSRP: $35
1 with batteries    2 @ max setting / @ min setting

Pentagon Lights has gain a reputation in its short history for making durable weapon-lights for the military and law enforcement. This year they offered a unique little LED light, the “MOLLE Light” is designed for the military, to give our soldiers an inexpensive task light to attach to the gear. This light is reminiscent of the old right angle military flashlight ( albeit, about 10 times smaller), a anodized aluminum body is matted with polymer tail cap and lighting head.

The performance of this light isn’t remarkable, but a couple feature make it worth mentioning; The user has a choice of a red, blue, green or amber filter that can be screwed onto the bezel or stored on the tail cap. A small button compass is imbedded in the tail cap. I was able to get limited information about the light from Pentagon, except that it is expected to be available this summer for around $35.



Manufacturer: Petzl Model: e+Lite
Body Material: Plastic Body Color(s): Red/Black
Length: 1.5" Width:1" Height:0.625 Weight1: 27 gm
Battery Qty: 1 Type: CR2032 Runtime2: 45 hours
LED: LED Colors avail: White/Red
Lumens Max:16 Lumens Min:? Brightness Levels:3
Switch Type: Rotary Switch Location: face
In Production?: Avalible MSRP: $30
1 with batteries    2 @ max setting / @ min setting

Although introduced last summer at Outdoor Retailer, Petzl’s e+Lite emergency light actually became available just before SHOT Show this year. The e+Lite is a pocket-sized LED headlamp that has three white LEDs and a smaller single red LED. Both color LEDs can be set to flash for signaling and the white LEDs have two brightness settings. According to Petzl, this light runs for 45 hours on two CR2032 coin-style batteries. The e+Lite can be worn as a headlamp using the included headband or can be clipped to a hat, shirt pocket or just about other thin object with the integrated wire clip.

The e+Lite comes with a plastic protective belt/carrying case, but a pivoting back panel protects the LED and switch when not in use should you choose to carry your e+Lite sans case. My e+Lite fits almost unnoticed in the coin pocket of my dress pants. In the few months I have had my e+Lite, it has become my everyday carry light at work for EMS calls and as a backup headlamp for everything else.

Last year Petzl also introduced their ADAPT system for the TacTikka XP and TacTikka. The ADAPT system gives the user three options for mounting or wearing the light. Included are a headlamp harness, belt/vest clip and an adhesive disk for mounting to a helmet. The light is easily removed from a mount by depressing a lever and sliding it off, re-attachment is just a reversal of the steps. The adhesive disk is a nice option; I have one mounted on my rescue helmet, removing the problem with headlamp straps slipping off the helmet or in my case, leaving the strap keepers available for goggles. While the adhesive disk is designed for a helmet, I found that mounting one on the ceiling of my truck gave me a great map light. Already have a Tikka XP or Tikka series light? Petzl offers the ADAPT kit for under $15 to upgrade your current light.

Princeton Tec


Manufacturer: Princeton Tec Model: APEX Pro
Body Material: Plastic Body Color(s): Black, Orange
Length: Body Dia: Base Dia: Weight1: 173gm..
Battery Qty: 2 Type: CR123 Runtime2: 35 hours
LED:# Watt LED Colors avail: white
Lumenx Max:60 Lumens Min: Brightness Levels: 4
Switch Type: push button Location: Top
In Production?: Avalible now MSRP: $70
1 with batteries    2 @ max setting / @ min setting

Princeton Tec introduced a new version of the Apex headlamp at SHOT Show this year. The Apex Pro replaces the four “AA” batteries with two CR123s. The 60-lumen Apex Pro weighs a full 100 grams less than the Apex but run-time is reduced to 36 hours from 72 hours (alkaline) or 150 hours (lithium). Both the Apex and the Apex Pro have a single 3-watt LED for long-range lighting and a set of four 5mm LEDs for wide-angle close-in lighting. The 3-watt LED and the set of 5mm LEDs operate off of separate pushbutton switches, allowing them to be independently controlled. The Apexes have four lighting settings and a safety flash mode for signaling. Princeton Tec has designed a heatsink into their headlamps, which they claim allow their lights to operate at the higher brightness settings for extended periods.

Torrent LED

Manufacturer: Princeton Tec Model: Torrent LED
Body Material: Plastic Body Color(s): Blue, Black, Yellow
Length: 7"(approx) Body Dia: 2"(approx) Bexel Dia: 2.5"(approx) Weight1: 365gm
Battery Qty: 8 Type: AA Runtime2: 30
LED:3 Watt LED Colors avail: white
Lumenx Max:47 Lumens Min: Brightness Levels: 1
Switch Type: toggle switch Location: body
In Production?: Avalible now MSRP: $50
1 with batteries    2 @ max setting / @ min setting

The Torrent LED flashlight is a new addition to Princeton Tec’s dive light line that should prove useful as a light for vehicle or home preparedness where space is not as much as issue as with personnel survival kits or every day carry. The Torrent will run for 30 hours on eight “AA” batteries at 47 lumens. The Torrent is also available in a Xenon version, with 115 lumens for five hours. Both lights are rated waterproof to 100m.


Manufacturer: Princeton Tec Model: Pilot
Body Material: Plastic Body Color(s): Grey/Red, Green, Black
Length: 1" Width: 0.75" Height: 0.5" Weight1: 15gm
Battery Qty: 2 Type: CR2016 Runtime2: 14
LED: LED Colors avail: white, green, and red
Lumenx Max:2.1 Lumens Min: Brightness Levels: 1
Switch Type: push button Location: body
In Production?: Avalible now MSRP: $10
1 with batteries    2 @ max setting / @ min setting

Princeton Tec also has a simple little LED light called the Pilot. The Pilot is designed as a backup light to be attached to the headband of a headlamp but it can just as easily be attached to a backpack strap or MOLLE webbing. The Pilot sits securely in its clip base but can be removed to use as a handheld light.

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