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SHOT Show 2007 Report - Knives

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All prices MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail pricing) as of January, 2007.

Al Mar

Manufacturer: Al Mar Model: Eagle Classic
Blade Steel: AUS 8 Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Drop Point or Talon Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 4" Blade Thickness: 0.10"
Length Closed: 5" Length Open: 9"
Lock Type: Front Lock Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Linen Micarta or Cocobolo Weight: 4 oz.
In Production: Yes MSRP: $199 - $209
Building on Al Mar's beautiful classic line of traditional front-lock folders, the new Eagle Classic is the largest in the series with a 4-inch blade. The two drop point models with either black linen micarta or cocobolo handles, have full flat ground blades and nail-nicks for opening. The "talon" spear point models offer the same handle options and are equipped with dual thumb studs for one-hand opening. We'd love to see the drop point blades with thumb studs, we're just prejudiced that way.

The talon blade has a long false edged running about two-thirds of the way up the spine. Overall length is 9 inches, leaving a substantial 5 inches of handle. All have stainless bolsters and a lanyard hole, but in keeping with the classic theme, no pocket clip. The drop point model has an MSRP of $199 and the one-hand opening model has an MSRP of $209.

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Benchmade has taken to introducing new knives year-round, rather than waiting for major shows like SHOT Show, so there were relatively few new knives in their booth.

Benchmade DeJaVoo
Manufacturer: Benchmade Model: 740/755 DèJáVoo/Mini DèJáVoo
Blade Steel: S30V Hardness Rc: 58-60
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 3.95"/3.23" Blade Thickness: 0.125"/0.114"
Length Closed: 5.17"/4.42" Length Open: 9.12"/7.69"
Lock Type: Liner Lock Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: G-10 Weight: 4.10/3.5 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $140 - $172
Bob Lum's Blue Line DèJáVoo incorporates a wide chord high ground blade of CPM S30V stainless with a round opening hole. The full-size has a 3.95 inch blade, the Mini (it's all relative) comes with a 3.23 inch blade. Handle length is 5.17 and 4.42 inches, respectively. The liner lock is titanium, but the other liner is 420J stainless. Handles are black contoured G10 with a light sandblasted texture. It has the clean lean lines we've come to expect from Bob's knives.

The handle has slight finger guard and a more pronounced dip at the tail. There's a rise on the top that matches the lower guard, forming essentially a double guard I suppose, which serves as a thumb rest. The tip down low ride black coated stainless clip is removable, but not reversible. There's a lanyard hole at the tip of the tail. MSRP is $140 - $172 depending upon blade configuration (satin plain edge or black partially serrated edge) and size.

Benchmade Activator +
Manufacturer: Benchmade Model: 201 Activator +
Blade Steel: D2 Hardness Rc: 60-62
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 3.63" Blade Thickness: 0.140"
Overall Length: 8.13 Tang: Full
Handle Material: Winewood Weight: 5 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $130
An upsized version of the Snoody designed Activator, the 201 Activator+ was introduced. The 3.63-inch drop point blade is D2 tool steel. Overall length is 8.13 inches with stabilized winewood scales over the full tang. A deep finger guard and jimping on the spine help provide a good grip. A lanyard hole is provided. The conventional belt sheath is dark brown leather. MSRP is $130.

Benchmade Nitrous Stryker
Manufacturer: Benchmade Model: 912/913 Nitrous Stryker
Blade Steel: D2 Hardness Rc: 60-62
Blade Shape: Drop Point/Modified Tanto Edge: Combo
Blade Length: 3.7" Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Length Closed: 4.68" Length Open: 8.25
Lock Type:AO w/ Liner Lock Liner Material: Titanium
Handle Material: G-10 Weight: 3.8 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $150 -$162
The Black Line 912/913 Nitrous Stryker upgrades the original Stryker with Benchmade's new Nitrous assisted opening (AO) mechanism. This mechanism uses the titanium liner as the spring, a torsion bar sort of like a liner lock, but operating in the vertical plane, with a round stud that rides on the tang to give the push. The blade must be opened past 30 degrees before the Nitrous action starts. Blade steel is now D2 while the profile remains essentially the same, spear point or modified tanto. Dual thumb studs replace the disk of the original for opening. The G10 scales have been given parallel grooves for better grip and the edges are more rounded. MSRP is $150 - $162.

Benchmade LFK
Manufacturer: Benchmade Model: 10100 LFK
Blade Steel: 440C Hardness Rc: 58-60
Blade Shape: Bowie Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 5.2" Blade Thickness: 0.118"
Length Closed: 6.7" Length Open: 10.25"
Lock Type: Liner Lock Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Aluminum w/ Santoprene Weight: 6.7 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $110
The Red Line 10100 LFK is based conceptually on Ken Steigerwalt's original innovative Salmon Creek Folding Fillet, putting a 5.2-inch 440C clip point blade in a handle that's only 5 inches long…sort of. Like the fillet knife, there an extension, what Benchmade calls a "tail fin," that extends out the end of the handle to cover the blade edge when closed, providing the 6.7-inch closed length required. As you open the blade using the thumb stud, the tail fin rotates into the handle, out of the way. The blade locks with a stainless liner lock. It will be interesting to see how this tail fin mechanism survives the rigors of daily use that such a hefty knife may be put to. We're looking forward to putting it through its paces.

The handle is black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum with gray Santoprene rubber inserts. The bottom of the handle is sculpted with a forefinger recess to access the liner lock and a bird's beak tail. On top, the handle rises to the thumb ramp on the spine of the blade. This is a large folder tipping the scales at 6.7 ounces. There's no lanyard hole, the tip up pocket clip is reversible. The 10100 LFK has an MSRP of $110

Benchmade Pika II
Manufacturer: Benchmade Model: 10402/10412 Pika II/Mini Pika II
Blade Steel: 9Cr13CoMoV Hardness Rc: 58-60
Blade Shape: Clip Point Edge: Plain or Combo
Blade Length: 3.5" / 2.9" Blade Thickness: 0.118" / 0.110"
Length Closed: 4.92" / 4.07" Length Open: 8.32" / 6.97"
Lock Type: Lock Back Liner Material: None
Handle Material: FRN Weight: 3oz/85g / 3.88 / 2.75 oz
Available? Now MSRP: $40 / $35
The price leading Red Line Pika has morphed into the Pika II and Mini Pika II. The narrow clip point plain edge blades remain the same, 3.5 and 2.9 inches in length, but the oval opening hole has been replaced with a round hole. A swedge extends back to the midpoint of the hole and then jimping extends the rest of the way on the spine of the blade onto the tang and the lock bar for the mid-lock.

The glass-filled nylon handles now have stainless liners. The scales have a much more aggressive "triple-grip" pattern on their flat face. The bottom of the handle is more aggressively sculpted with a deeper finger guard that's also been moved more forward, a notable improvement. Closed length remains essentially the same at 5.82 and 4.07 inches, but the liners did add nearly an ounce of weight, now 3.88 and 2.75 ounces, respectively. A lanyard hole carries over, as does the reversible pocket clip. MSRP is $35 and $40.

Benchmade ERT IThe 10105 ERT-1 is a Red Line rescue tool that incorporates a folding hook style blade and a spring loaded glass breaker into a bright yellow molded handle. The one hand opening slot style hook blade opens using ambidextrous thumb studs and locks with a mid-lock. A white LED light illuminates the hook blade from the left side, making rescue operations requiring slicing a seat belt or clothing in the dark a lot easier. It has its own push button (push on, push off) switch on the left side of the handle. The light is claimed to be "submersible," but they were never able to define exactly what that means.

The 0.58-inch thick handle is both textured and has ridges for a more secure grip. Stainless liners add strength. The glass breaker is a spring loaded punch in the tail of the handle. All you have to do is press hard against the glass and it activates. No brute force required. Weight is 3.6 ounces. Both a right hand removable pocket clip and a nylon sheath are provided, for a choice of carry. MSRP is $40

Benchmade Griptilian HGFinally, the ever popular and multi-faceted Blue Line Griptilian gained yet another variation, based on the original 550 and 555. This version, the 550HG and 555HG, supersede the 550/555 and takes the Grip's modified drop point blade style, substitutes a hollow grind for the flat grind and a round hole for the former oval hole. MSRP is $90 - $122 depending upon size and blade configuration.


The Benchmade HK line added a few interesting models.

HK Nitrous Blitz
Manufacturer: HK14460 Benchmade/HK Model: Nitrous Blitz
Blade Steel: 154 CM Hardness Rc: 58-61
Blade Shape: Clip Point Edge: Plain or Combo
Blade Length: 3.4" Blade Thickness: 0.100"
Length Closed: 4.6" Length Open: 6"
Lock Type:AO w/ Liner Lock Liner/Frame Material: Titanium
Handle Material: G-10 Weight: 2.7 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $140-$150
Put the 14460 Nitrous Stryker into HK dress and you get the Nitrous Blitz. Well, that's not entirely true, but the bottom line is that the knives are quite similar in most respects and specifications. We covered the new Nitrous assisted opening mechanism above. The Blitz blade is a modified clip point in 154 CM stainless and available in either black coated, or not, and partially serrated, or not.

Blade length is 3.4 inches in a 4.6-inch handle with G10 scales or titanium liners. Opening is via dual thumb studs. There's a modest half guard and relief to access the liner lock. The removable pocket clip is right hand carry only and there is a lanyard hole. MSRP is $140 - $150.

HK Ally
Manufacturer: Benchmade/HK Model:HK1440SB Ally
Blade Steel: AUS 8 Hardness Rc: 58-60
Blade Shape: Clip Point Edge: Combo
Blade Length: 2.8" Blade Thickness: 0.115"
Length Closed: 4.10" Length Open: 6.87"
Lock Type: Frame Lock Liner/Frame Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Stainless Weight: 2.92 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $40
The HK 14440SB Ally is an all-stainless frame lock folder that incorporates some large round holes in both blade and handle to lighten it up considerably. The 2.8-inch AUS8 stainless clip point blade incorporates a large opening hole that takes up a lot of the relatively narrow blade width. I'm not sure what that does to the strength of the blade, but I suppose that as long as you're not using it to pry with, and who ever does that with a folder?, it probably isn't an issue. With the narrow clip point tip, that would probably fail first anyway. In any case, the hole has a finger choil below and a thump ramp above. It is offered only with black coating and partially serrated.

The stainless frame has three large holes on the side opposite the lock which serve both to lighten it up and to provide better grip. In addition, there plenty of deep jimping along the bottom of the handle, at the tail and on the spine and thumb ramp The backspacer extends clear of the handles and incorporates a good-sized rectangularish lanyard hole. A glass breaker is attached to the butt. The low carry removable pocket clip is right hand only. MSRP is $40.


Blade-Tech Responder
Manufacturer: Blade-Tech Model: Responder
Blade Steel: S30V/font> Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Modified Sheepsfoot Edge: 75/25 Combo or Plain Edge
Blade Length: 3.5" Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Length Closed: 5" Length Open: 8.5"
Lock Type: Lock back Liner/Frame Material: None
Handle Material: Orange G-10 Weight: 5 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $168
Tim Wegner at Blade-Tech Industries introduced his version of an EMS/Rescue knife, the Responder. While most manufacturers have gone after the value end of the market for these knives, under the assumption that most of these folks don't get paid a whole lot, and not nearly what they ought to in our opinion, Tim has offered up a premium package for the smaller more discriminating market. The 3.5-inch flat ground modified sheepsfoot blade is S30V, no compromise there. The blade spine is rounded up front at the tip for easier insertion next to a victim. The blade can be had either 75/25 combo edged or with a plain edge. There's a deep curve to the spine, making it easy to grasp the knife when closed to use the built-in oxygen bottle wrench or the facetted glass breaker, an extension of the stainless backspacer. Opening is via a large v-shaped oval hole, big enough that it should be okay with heavy gloves on. Lock-up is via a back lock, also easy to operate with gloves on. The handle incorporates a modest finger guard and also has a finger choil shared with the blade tang. The handle is sand-blasted orange G-10, providing good grip, no liner required with the lock back. There's a lanyard hole and the pocket clip is reversible with tip-down carry. Lenght closed is 5 inches and weight is 5 oz. MSRP is $168.

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Boker Eurofighter
Manufacturer: Boker Model: Eurofighter
Blade Steel: 154CM Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 4" Blade Thickness: NA
Length Closed: 5" Length Open: 9"
Lock Type: Liner Lock Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Aluminum Weight: 5.6 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $330
Boker's Eurofighter is so named because the limited edition version had a damascus steel blade made from the cannon used on the jet fighter. The production version has a 4-inch recurved drop point blade of 154 CM stainless. The blade has a large false edge that meets the top of the cutting grind for nearly half the length of the blade. Dual thumb studs provide one-hand opening and a liner lock secures the blade in place.

Handles are 5 inches of 3-D CNC machined and anodized aluminum with an insert of unidentified material. A lanyard hole and removable pocket clip are provided. MSRP is $330.

Boker Wharcom and Rescuecom
Manufacturer: Boker USA Model: Wharncom/Rescom
Blade Steel: AUS-8 Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Wharncliff/Line Cutter Edge: Plain/Serrated
Blade Length: 1.875" Blade Thickness: NA
Overall Length: 5.5" Tang: Full
Handle Material: Integral/FRN Weight: 3.2/2.4oz
Available?Now MSRP: $42
Boker's line of Chad Los Banos designed blades has expanded greatly in the past year after a very strong introduction. Aside from a number of color variations, some additional styles have been added. The Warcom is a Wharncliff style blade version of the original Subcom F folder.

The Rescom is a rescue tool on the same frame with a blade that incorporates a hook blade with a serrated section inside the hook opening. This is not a safety blade in the sense that with the wide opening for the serrated section, you could catch a finger in there, so it is closer to a blunt nosed serrated blade in that regards, but a bit easier to use with the hook.

Boker TranceThe Trance is a larger folder with a 2.75-inch AUS-8 stainless drop point blade, but similar in construction to the original folders with a framelock on one side and glass-reinforced Nylon handle on the other. The flipper becomes a deep half guard. Dual thumb studs are provided and the clip is removable. Overall length is 6.25 inches.

Boker Plus MPT
Manufacturer: Boker Plus Model: MPT
Blade Steel: AUS-8 Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Unique Edge: Plain/Combo
Blade Length: 3.75" Blade Thickness: NA
Overall Length: 6.81 Tang: Enclosed
Handle Material: Plastic Weight: 3oz
Available? 1st Qtr 2006 MSRP: $90
Also new from Los Banos is the Chad MPT, a modest sized fixed blade with an unusual blade profile. The 3.75-inch single edge AUS-8 blade starts out with a recurve profile on the bottom of the blade, but as it nears the tip it straightens out and takes a steep turn up into a modified tanto tip. The blade can be had plain edged or partially serrated.

The molded "plastic" handle, just a hair over 3 inches long, has a soft "plastic" overmold for added grip, enhancing the deep half guard that's become a trademark of Los Banos' knives for Boker. Like the small folders, this is a surprisingly comfortable knife to grasp, despite the relatively short handle. The sheath is molded Zytel. MSRP is $90.

Boker RescueBoker took the Jim Wagner Reality-Based folder, blunted the tip and added a a seat belt cutter to the spine of the 4-inch 400C blade. Opening is via a dick and lock-up via lock back. A conical glass breaker is screwed into the end of the handle, which is standard on all versions of this folder where it is designed to otherwise be used as an "impact weapon." The molded glass-reinforced nylon handle is available in either basic black or bright red. MSRP is $75.

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