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SHOT Show 2007 Report - Knives


Spyderco Caly 3
Manufacturer: Spyderco Model: Caly 3
Blade Steel: VG-10 Hardness Rc: 57-60
Blade Shape: Modified Drop Point Edge: Serrated or Plain
Blade Length: 3" Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Length Closed: 4.063" Length Open: 7"
Lock Type: Back - Boye Detent Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: G-10 Weight: 3 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $155
The Caly3 is the latest in Spyderco's ever popular Calypso line; this time fitted with a 3-inch full flat ground drop point, what Spyderco likes to call "leaf-shaped," VG-10 stainless blade. There's a mild finger choil and very high and steep jimped thumb ramp which combine for an excellent fine working grip. The down side is that there's not a lot separating your forefinger from the blade edge. The black G10 linerless handle is lightly blasted for better grip and is 4 inches closed. Lock up is via mid-lock with a Boye detent. It has a reversible low ride tip up wire pocket clip. Weight is 3 ounces. MSRP is $155.

Spyderco Hossom Fixed BladesJerry Hossom is known for massive knives with thick blades and this collaboration is quite a departure for Spyderco, better known for its "big little knives." Moreover, they are producing not just one, but four "Hossoms," varying in size from 10 inches to just shy of 16 inches long.

All four knives share basic specifications. All are full tang with N690Co stainless blades that incorporate a recurved edge with a very full belly and upswept tip, a very highly modified drop point. The spine is not flat, but has a hump in it producing a good deal of weight forward. They are full flat grinds with a deep finger choil forward of the half guard and a matching thumb ramp with jimping extending forward from the handle on top.

The highly sculpted green-gray canvas micarta handles (the images don't show off the color) look great, but like many large knives, the handles elicit strong reactions. You likely will love 'em or hate 'em, with little middle ground. These are definitely a knife you want to handle before purchasing. The handles swell perceptibly in the center and have very deep fore and aft portions that capture your hand. The lanyard hole is located at the bottom of the bird's beak tail end.

A Kydex sheath with a five-position TekLock fastener is provided. All that steel and micarta and Kydex do not come cheap. Here's a rundown of the specs for each knife:

Spyderco T-MAG
Manufacturer: Spyderco Model: T-MAG
Blade Steel: S30V Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Modified Drop Point Edge: Plain Edge
Blade Length: 2.938" Blade Thickness: NA
Length Closed: NA Length Open: 7"
Lock Type: None / Magnetic Retention Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber Weight: 2.8 oz.
Available? NA MSRP: $250
The Ralph Turnbull designed T-Mag folder houses a Rare Earth (Neodymium NdFeB) Magnet, mounted internally in the knife's spine. This is a non-locking folder with the magnet standing in for a slip-joint spring, holding the blade open or closed. Gunmetal gray carbon fiber handle scales cover a stainless frame, 4.0625 inches in length. There's a pronounced finger choil formed by the base of the blade and the handle. The flat-ground narrow drop point 2.937-inch blade is CPM S30V with a plain edge. That just slips under the 3 inches that is thre limit in many places. The tip up wire clip is reversible; there's no lanyard hole. Weight is 2.8 ounces. MSRP is $250.

I'm philosophically opposed to non-locking blades, but in many locals, such as England, citizens have already lost the right to this safety feature that somehow makes a pocket knife a deadly weapon. (Click here if you'd like to help prevent the loss of your rights in the U.S.) If you are to sell in places with absurd laws like this, you have to offer a non-locking blade knife. Spyderco did well with its slip-joint British Knife; this is a higher-tech knife in a similar vein.

Spyderco Aqua Salt
Manufacturer: Spyderco Model: Aqua Salt
Blade Steel: H1 Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain or Serrated
Blade Length: 4.25" Blade Thickness: NA
Overall Length: 9.25" Tang: Enclosed
Handle Material: FRN Weight: 4.2 oz.
Available? mid-year 2007 MSRP: NA
Spyderco introduced two new knives in their Salt series with non-rusting blades of H1 steel. The Aqua Salt prototype had a pretty thick blade for such a modest sized fixed blade. The 4.25-inch blade will be available either plain edge or fully serrated. Blade profile is a modified drop point with a relatively blunt nose and a short swedge at the tip to compensate and allow better penetrating ability.

The fiberglass reinforced nylon handle is the same one used on the prior Vagabond model, less the integral sheath, and it has aggressive texturing and is pretty wide, filling the hand nicely. Available in your choice of black or yellow, overall length is 9.25 inches and it weighs 4.2 oz. No word on the sheath at this point. Price will be announced when the knife is released mid-year 2007.

Spyderco Saver SaltThe Saver Salt is simply the Rescue 79mm with an H1 blade and yellow or black handle just as the Atlantic Salt was the Rescue 93mm in H1 dress. Closed length is 4 inches with a 3.125-inch sheepsfoot serrated blade. Weight is 2.25 oz. The clip reversible and a lanyard hole is provided. Price will be announced mid-year 2007.

Spyderco S
Manufacturer: Spyderco Model: S
Blade Steel: MIM 440C Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain
Blade Length: 2.438" Blade Thickness: NA
Length Closed: NA Length Open: 5.938"
Lock Type: Compression Lock Liner Material: None
Handle Material: Aluminum Weight: 2 oz.
Available? NA MSRP: $95
Spyderco's "S" utilizes their first MIM (metal injection molded) blade and they have chosen to emphasize the possibilities with a blade that features a spider web emanating from the Spydie hole, the spaces between web strands being open. After molding, the 2.438-inch traditional Spyderco leaf shaped blade of 440C is then full flat ground, bisecting the Spydie hole. There's not enough room on the thin edge for serrations, this one is plain edge only. The blade is matched to a web-cut anodized aluminum handle, silver or black, incorporating Spyderco's Compression Lock.

The blade's thumb rest and finger choil have jimping and the 3.5-inch handle incorporates four finger grooves, including the choil. An ambidextrous wire pocket clip carries the closed knife tip-up. All the cutouts result in an all-,metal folder that weighs only 2 ounces. I predict the "S" stands for sell-out. MSRP is $95.


Spyderco continues to expand their value priced Byrd line manufactured in China.

Byrd FlatbyrdUsually the press releases issued by marketing types are either boring or so full of hype you want to barf as you read through them. Every once in a while, however, someone comes up with a product description that is actually worth sharing: "No it's not road kill. The Flatbyrd is a pancake-flat folding knife so slim it slides in a back pocket skinnier than your wallet the day before payday. The handle is pinch-free contoured aluminum with holes like Swiss cheese. The holes reduce the knife's weight while giving a contemporary, technical look."

That is a pretty good description of the new Flatbyrd that will come with a blade of 8Cr13MoV stainless, as found on the rest of the byrd knives. The blade will be available only with a plain edge and is flat ground with the recognizable byrd comet opening hole. Integrated into the back of the handle is the locking mechanism, essentially a frame lock. To release the lock you push the lock over by pressing on it through the largest handle hole at the front of the handle. The blade incorporates a finger guard and the whole package fits nicely in the hand.

There is no pocket clip on the Flatbyrd, it is intended to be carried flat in pocket, purse, tucked inside a boot, wherever a really slip knife might be slipped. Measurements and specifications were unavailable at publication date. MSRP is going to be $35.

Byrd ByrdWrenchRemember the SpyderWrench from back in 1999? Manufacturing difficulties here in the U.S. eventually led to its demise, despite a full order book (though we hear rumors it's been resurrected, made in Taiwan this time). In any case, now there's a Byrd version, made in China. This remains the only multi-tool that has a full-size knife which can be used separately, albeit with care, and which incorporates both pliers and an adjustable wrench. The screwdriver bits can also be used separately together with the adjustable wrench. It was innovative then and remains so today.

The byrdWrench is almost identical to the original (see original review here) except for a few minor changes. Most obviously, the round hole has been replaced with the Byrd comet hole. The diamond coated sharpener with a flat screwdriver on one end, Philips the other, is now a round file/rasp with a "hole starter" on one end. The Spyderco spokesperson said this was in response to suggestions, but I think prefer the original in this regard.

The fully serrated blade is now the standard byrd 8Cr13MoV stainless and it comes with a removable clip or nylon sheath. Weight is 7.92 ounces. MSRP is $100, the same price it was when originally introduced in 1999. (We hear the rumored made in Taiwan SpyderWrench will be quite a bit more expensive.) The Spyd….errr, byrdWrech isn't for everyone, not having wire cutters or needle nose pliers, but it's a unique and excellent tool.

Byrd CaraCara, Meadowlark, RobinTwo of the original byrd knives, the Cara Cara and Meadowlark, shot_show_2005_knives.htm have been reincarnated in two forms. On the one hand, they are now available with lightweight FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handles, aptly named "Lightweight." On the other hand, you can also get them with G10 handles. Both are an improvement in our opinion, both save weight and both provide better grip. The byrd Robin is also now available as a Lightweight form with FRN handles.

Other than weight and handle material, the specs remain the same as the originals with the exception that the G10 versions of the Cara Cara and Meadowlark get only a reversible tip up pocket clip, losing the tip down option the original and Lightweight version have. Specs and prices are:

Byrd Duckfoot SharpenerThe designers reportedly began referring to the new Byrd sharpener as the Duckfoot in the initial design phase, for obvious reasons, and the name stuck. The Duckfoot incorporates varying shapes for sharpening different edges. All told it offers around 15 square inches of diamond coated sharpening surface.

The angles and sides include: a 1 x 5-inch flat diamond stone, 3 grooves including a wide radius channel for de-burring and a narrow radius channel for honing pointed objects. By holding it vertically on a tabletop it tilts from one side to the other raising one edge off the tabletop and creating a 20 degree angle (40 degrees inclusive) for sharpening knife blades. The sides are elliptically shaped. There is a surface with large radius for sharpening plain edges and a small radius for serrations. Lay it horizontally and it creates a 12.5 degree angle designed for sharpening scissors. It comes packaged in a suede leather carry case that doubles as a non-skid counter top pad while sharpening. A detailed instruction DVD is also included. MSRP is $45.

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Timberline Every Day Workhorse
Manufacturer: Timberline Model: Every Day Workhorse / Small Workhorse
Blade Steel: 440 Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Drop Point Edge: Plain or Combo / Plain
Blade Length: 3.25" / 2.15" Blade Thickness: NA
Length Closed: 4.5" / 3" Length Open: 7.75" / 5.2"
Lock Type: Liner Lock Liner Material: Stainless
Handle Material: G-10 Weight: 4.8 oz. / 2.6 oz.
Available? Now MSRP: $40 / $30
Timberline's Every Day Workhorse and Small Worhorse are basic value priced linerlock folders with machined and textured G-10 heandles. The wide chord flat ground drop point blades, 3.25 or 2.15 inches, are non-defined 440 stainless with a titanium nitride coating. Opening is via dual thumb studs. The handles are slab-sided, but surprisingly ergonomic, dropping down at the aft end and with a modest finger guard/lock release recess up front. Jimping is provided on the liners both aft bottom and top front. There's a lanyard hole and tip up carry pocket clip. MSRP is $40 and $30.

Timberline Alary Money Clip
Manufacturer: Timberline Model: Alary Money Clip
Blade Steel: AUS 8A Hardness Rc: NA
Blade Shape: Wharncliff Edge: Plain Edge
Blade Length: 1.625" Blade Thickness: NA
Length Closed: 2.75" Length Open: 4.813"
Lock Type: Frame Lock w/ Sessions De-Locker Frame Material: Stainless
Handle Material: Skeletonized Weight: 1 oz.
Available? 2nd Qtr 2007 MSRP: $50
The George Sessions designed Alary Money Clip, derived from the word for "wing" in Italian, is a gentleman's frame lock folder with the Sessions De-locker. Simply pressing on the ingeniously simple de-locker from the opposite side disengages the lock. For anyone who finds liner and frame locks a bother to disengage, this makes it much easier. The skeletonized titanium nitride coated stainless frame has three large trapezoidal holes on both sides to lighten it up.

The Alary has a titanium nitride coated 1.625-inch Wharncliff blade with a plain edge. A trapezoidal hole provides easy one hand opening. The skeletonized tip-up clip can be removed and there's even a layard hole. MSRP is $50 and that includes an aluminum presentation case with a clear acrylic window. Can you say Father's Day?

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Tool Logic

Tool Logic SL ProTool Logic is a company noted for their "Credit Card" multi-tools. In the past several years, the slim tools have found a following of those wanting the most compact units available. Their popularity is proven by the number of "variations to a theme" introduced by Tool Logic over the years.

The 2007 Shot Show found Tool Logic following their successful business practice of expanding popular product lines. Their introduction of the SL Series of folding knives is being followed by the SL Pro Series. The Pro Series appear to be a bit more robust of a design and sports a 3 inch spear point blade of 420J2 stainless steel. The SL Series gave you the choice of a built in LED light or a removable magnesium alloy fire starter. The Pro Series has expanded the concept and versatility of the add-on accessories. The steel frame of the Pro Series knives is mated with a Zytel housing designed to accept interchangeable tools. One end of each tool is a LED light that extends from the holder once mated to the knife. The opposite end of the light may be a fire starter, magnetic mounting base, handcuff key, diamond sharpener, or a Glock takedown tool.

Tool Logic SL Pro OptionsEach tool is held in place by a friction fit of a rubber o-ring between the housing and the tool. Once inserted a vacuum effect enhances the gripping effect of the o-ring to insure a tight lock-up between the knife and it's accessory tool. As a side note, each tool/Led combo can be purchased with a separate key ring mounting tube.

No matter how handy or versatile the add-ons, the package is useless should the knife prove to be substandard. The knife is a frame lock design and lock up was strong and positive. There is absolutely no side-play in the blade. One-handed opening is via the oval cutout in the blade. While the blade has a flat ground primary bevel, the edge carries a single sided grind. Only testing would show the effectiveness of the 420J2 steel, but with proper heat treating it should have a decent edge holding ability. The knife package is available in satin bead blasted or a black oxide finish.

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