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Survival Links

This list of Survival related sites is hardly comprehensive in and of itself. However, within this list are a number of sites which focus purely on links to other survival resources and taken together they catalog just about everything worthwhile on the Web about the subject of survival, in all its variations.

Inclusion in this listing does not infer an endorsement of any survival concepts, techniques, products, services or other information on or linked to the site. Nor is it an endorsement of any philosophies that may be espoused by the operator of the site or in any files located on the site or linked to the site. The ratings are for the quality of the information on and presentation of the Web site and have nothing whatsoever to do with the organization that may operate the site.

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Air Cavalry - Survival
The survival section of the site provides a complete survival manual based on the USAF and U.S. Army survival manuals. A very good primer on survival and survival techniques with U.S. Army Air Cavalry specific information (such as kits).

American Red Cross Disaster Services - Being Prepared
Information on basic disaster preparedness, from soup to nuts. - Swedish Wilderness Survival Project
Michel Blomgren is creating an excellent series of FREE downloadable wilderness survival videos and related information.
Captain Dave's Survival Center
This site covers a lot of ground including survival equipment lists from a variety of sources, some equipment reviews, survival techniques and general articles relating to the subject of long term survival. Dave's "Survival Guide" is a survival handbook work in progress.
Civil Air Patrol
CAP performs over 90% of all aerial search and rescue for missing aircraft in the U.S. They also participate in other SAR operations, disaster relief and assist national, state and local emergency services in many other ways. The official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, many unfortunately take this military relationship a little too seriously.

If you have large reserves of patience, like paperwork as much as flying and have an extraordinarily high tolerance for B.S., then CAP may be for you. When all is said and done, the bumbling organization succeeds in spite of itself and does a pretty damn good job.

Common Sense Survival Guides
A collection of advice on a wide variety of survival and disaster scenarios from the author's book of the same name.
Disaster! Finder
Links dealing with disaster related information and an included search engine by the NASA Solid Earth and Natural Hazards Program.
Focus on rational and practical self defense techniques, along with reviews of self-defense related products including knives, lights, impact weapons, etc.
Earthquake Preparation Advice
Some good, basic and sensible advice on disaster preparedness, with the focus on earthquakes, from The American Rescue Team International.
FEMA - Plan Ahead
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is the government agency that's supposed to organize help after any widespread natural or man-made disaster in the U.S. While they are often criticized for being unprepared, slow and even incompetent at times, this site offers a lot of very good suggestions and advice about preparing for a disaster. Additional useful emergency preparedness information can be found perusing the virtual shelves of the FEMA Library.
Backpacker Gear Test
Outdoor gear reviews submitted by dedicated non-commercial testers.
Hoods Woods
Ron Hood, a survival instructor, provides useful information on wilderness survival. His on-line survival manual, "Survival, The Last Laugh," is a work in progress and contains much useful and practical information written in an engaging manner. Navigation of the site is a bit rough, but well worth the effort.

NASAR National Headquarters Hug A Tree Program
Hug A Tree and Survive - Coloring Book - Survival Training for Children
The "hug a tree" program has proven very successful in imparting important survival information to children who are often inclined to do exactly the wrong thing when they get lost in the wilds. This program teaches them to stay put, "hug a tree," until they are rescued. If you have a child, this program could prove to be a lifesaver.
Hurricane Preparations
Some common sense basic advice about how to prepare for a hurricane. Much is equally applicable for any similar natural disaster for which you have time to prepare.
Lightweight Hiking & Backpacking
Commercial site, lots of useful information, especially for those with weight or volume restrictions. Good links.
Modern Survival Magazine (
A subscription online-only magazine (sample articles each issue freely available) from Jim Benson, former editor of American Survival Guide, that covers a wide range of survival issues and equipment. Be warned that this site has a "survivalist" bent that some may find objectionable.
Mountain Rescue Association
A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. Don't let "volunteer" confuse you, these are serious professionals who rank among the best in the world in what they do, mountain rescue.
Pack Light, Eat Right
Published by a backpacking dietitian who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemical Nutrition, this site is aimed at backpackers who must travel light and sustain their body while enduring rigorous exercise. There's a good deal of practical nutritional information, backed by understandable technical explanations for those interested, that could also be of use to those preparing for an emergency situation.
 Primitive Skills Network Links
A group of primitive skills and wilderness survival enthusiasts and instructor links.
Primitive Technology Home Page
Excellent link page to primitive technology resources. Included are links to Web sites and subscription information for a number of primitive technology related Email subscription groups.
Red Hot Dot Children's Fire and Kidnapping Safety
A commercial site selling children's fire safety books and pamphlets with good online content on the subject of fire safety and kidnapping prevention and escape.
Rocky Mountain Survival Group
Billed as "A Survival Information Clearinghouse," it does indeed gather together a huge amount of valuable information on survival of all kinds and descriptions, with both articles on-site and many more links to articles and pages on other sites. A large and growing treasure trove of interesting and useful information on all aspects of survival.
Roper's Knot Page
Excellent site with all you ever wanted to know about knots. Included are diagrams and instructions for many useful knots. Many have links to other sites with additional illustrations and instructions, including some with animated GIFs demonstrating how to tie them. A very comprehensive link page to just about anything having to do with virtually every kind of knot.
Simply Survival
Small, but growing, another site that's a work in progress with lots of potential. Survival instructor Greg Davenport is adding more good stuff on survival techniques and "The Art of Adapting" on a regular basis.
The Survival Bible 2001
Richard Perron's large files contain a compendium of survival information on many subjects from many sources. Ranges from excellent to poor. Not very well organized, nor particularly scintillating prose, but there is lots of it. However, well worth the effort if you're seriously interested in the subject. Be warned that this site includes some "survivalist" materials that some may find objectionable. (Perron's site disappeared some time ago, so ETS now provides these files in a single archive downloadable from the ETS server )
United States Coast Guard (USCG) 
"They have to go out; they don't have to come back." Sadly, sometimes they don't. Every hour of every day the USCG rescues survivors who are in peril, unfortunately, more often than not, due to their own stupidity. In my estimation, the USCG probably has the highest proportion of true heroes of any of our military services. There's some valuable information here, and a lot of other stuff that's just plain interesting.
U.S. Rescue & Special Operations Group  
Aimed at military operators with advice covering all aspects of survival, most of the information will be useful to anyone interested in the subject. The recommendations for technique and equipment are based on the cadre's real life experiences fighting and survival around the world. Includes tests with answers.
Wilderness Way Online
Wilderness Way is a primitive survival magazine. The site contains articles and a section of user submitted Survival Tips.

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