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Y2K Sanity Checks
Y2K Bug

A collection of Editorials, Columns and Educational Links about the effects of the Year 2000 (Y2K) Bug. Something to balance out the hysteria emanating from many other sources. Leads off with a brief Y2K editorial by Equipped To Survive™ publisher and editor, Doug Ritter. While the sky may not be falling, you still ought to be reasonably prepared to survive the likely inconveniences that may result from any Y2K bugs that are not rectified by the time midnight of December 31, 1999 rolls around.

Year 2000 Bug - Is The Sky Falling? Equipped To Survive™ editorial by Doug Ritter, Equipped To Survive publisher and editor.

Imagine That - The World As We Know It Did Not End Doug Ritter's January 1, 2000 Open Letter to his detractors who castigated him for his moderate position on Y2K.

Generally Balanced Y2K News Coverage

Year 2000 World


Year 2000 Info World Electric

Selected Y2K Columns, Commentary, Opinion, and Articles

Y2K: Bor-ing! It's been a lousy year for The End Of The World. Computerworld commentary by Frank Hayes 7/12/99

Y2K Expert Foresees Inconvenience, Not Chaos IDG News Service article 6/11/99

Millennial Fruitcake As pessimistic pundits predict Y2K gloom and doom, Tom Davenport is anticipating nothing less than insanity. CIO commentary 6/1/99

 United States Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem "We must be Paul Revere. We must tell everyone that Y2K is coming. But we must not be Chicken Little and tell them that the sky is falling," says Chairman Bob Bennett. Senate report concludes Y2K could be inconvenient, but there should be no major disruptions. Read the complete report: "Investigating the Impact of the Year 2000 Problem " 3/2/1999

Get FREE Acrobat Reader Note: This report is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here if you need to download Adobe's FREE PDF reader. Y2K Compliance Database - Comprehensive, easy-to-use database of Y2K compliance and general Y2K information for consumers.

There's Something About Gary (North) Wired News article by Declan McCullagh 1/7/99

Why The Millenium Bug Won't Bite AVweb editorial by Mike Busch 12/7/98

Y2K: It's a human problem, not a technology problem InfoWorld's Plugged In column by Bob Odonnell 12/8/98

Breaking down the Y2K hype factor InfoWorld's Plugged In column by Bob Odonnell 12/14/98

Y2K Extra: Why do Y2K pessimists continue to hold their position even with the increase of good news about Y2K? Christian Computing Magazine's EIC Steve Hewitt 10/28/98

Don't be ashamed if you hold to a moderate position on Y2K! Christian Computing Magazine editorial by Steve Hewitt 11/98

Second thoughts about our Y2K coverage TechWeek editorial by Tim Graham

The End of the World as We Know It Scientific American commentary by Wendy M. Grossman 10/98

Year 2000 hype is relentless San Francisco Examiner's Net Skink column by Rebecca L. Eisenberg 4/19/98

The Year 2000 As Racket And Ruse Software Management Network column by Nicholas Zvegintzov 2/96

8 Myths About The Millennium Bug a CNet Special Report by Matt Rosoff 9/10/97

A Few More Interesting, Informative, and Entertaining Y2K Links

Official Y2K Skeptic's Home Page

The Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot Page

Gary North & Y2K

Dealing With The Year 2000 Problem - On Doom and Gloom

Y2k Hysteria

An Inquiry Into The Veracity of "Millennium Bug" Doomsday Predictions

Millennium Mayhem

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